My first blog post

So, yeah I’ve decided to create a blog. I don’t know if I will get the time to update it frequently but let’s see how it goes. This blog will serve me as a place to dump my ideas and knowledge on programming and also posting some random things I guess. lol

For this first blog, I just want to write a brief introduction of my current project that I am working on. It’s almost at the stage where I am confident enough to release a first version of it. Right now I am testing things so that basic stuffs that it can do are bug free.

So, what is the project all about? Well, it’s not just one piece of software actually. I have created a Virtual Machine (register based, with it’s own instruction set and architecture), a compiler to write programs that can run on the VM, and IDE to manage the source codes. The VM is of two types: one is interpreter while the other one is based on Dynamic Recompilation (some people like the term Just In Time, but coming from emulation scene, I prefer to call it DynaRec :P). Currently the dynarec version is only for x86_64 machines but I plan to port it to different CPU architectures. I will talk about the differences between interpreter and dynarec version in another blog post.

Ok, I guess that’s enough introduction for now. haha


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